Movie Box

a ruby terminal app

What is Movie Box? 🎬

MovieBox is a ruby powered CLI app that allows users to catalogue and record all the movies they have seen.

Functionalities include adding movie, deleting movie and updating movie.

How to run movie box 📀

The github code and instructions to run the app on your machine is at github.

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App Preview

Movie box screen shot

1. Movie Box home page

The heart of this application is CRUD. (Create, Read, Update, Delete)

The main menu of this app is:

Add Movies

Display Movies

Delete Movies

Update Movies

The exit option will end the program.

The Menu options UI throughout the app is a gem, (basically a package) called tty-prompt. The version used here is 0.23.0

Movie box screen shot

2. Add Movie Functionality

Adding a movie is simply about answering the prompted questions:

- Name of movie and released year of movie

The programs then checks for duplicates using these two information provided. If duplicates found, program informs user and program starts again. If no duplicates found, we resume the program.

- Ranking (user can come up with their own ranking, it is arbitrary)

- Name of director(s) and actor(s) or actress(es)

- Movie genre, then rating and a comment to go with the rating.

Ruby Code - used three separate functions as explained below.

add movie screenshot

Ruby makes it very easy to add to array. The syntax ('<<') means to append item to the end of the array.

add movie screenshot
Movie box screen shot - delete

3. Delete Movie Functionality

Deleting a movie was the simplest and easiest functionality implemented. Program only needs:

- Name of movie and released year of the movie

Ruby Code - one function takes two parameters. Code performs a check against the local records.

Delete movie screenshot

The program will retrieve from the records and display the movie, then ask for confirmation to delete the movie.

Note: The gem used to make this table is called terminal-table. Version used here is 3.0.0

Movie box screen shot - delete

4. Update Movie Functionality

The code for updating the movie follows this logic.

1. Find the movie with the name and year information. Then make a COPY of it.

2. DELETE the old movie. It's okay we kept an old copy.

3. Now perform the update to the copied data.

4. Save the data.

Delete movie screenshot

The downside to this is that the newly updated item is pushed to the end of the data array. This could be improved.